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Selene & Endymion




Selene, the moon goddess, fell in love with a young shepherd, Endymion, who asked her for eternal youth and immortality.
His wish was granted on the condition that he fall into eternal sleep.
The goddess was then able to love and caress him freely and without restraint, abandoning herself to her desires and fulfilling her innermost feelings.


Vulcan son of Zeus and Hera. He was the God of volcanic fire and patron of creative arts and manufacturing and everything that is created with fire. His wife Aphrodite, who was very promiscuous, was caught with Ares when Vulcan cast his net. Made the Aegis for Zeus and Throne for Hera. 


He was the son of Daedalus who flew over the Aegean Sea with his father to escape from Crete.
His father made him artificial wings of feathers and wax. The young man then flew too high and too close to the Sun, causing the wax to melt and he fell into the Aegean sea where he died.
This area of the sea was thereafter called the Icarian sea in memory of this fatality, which was brought about by Icarus' youthful ambition.

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