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The morning light of the sun emerged, shining over the horizon with bright rays that seemed to glow like spreading golden fingers. Aurora, seated on her couch on the Oceanus River, arose from the water to announce the rising of the day. She regularly fell in love. Amongst the many young lovers to whom she gave immortality but not eternal youth, was Tithonus who, as he grew older, was transformed into a grasshopper. Aurora symbolizes not only the coming of a fresh new day with all its richness and beauty, but also the slow but inexorable end of it.
Days come and go like love and friendship that lose their strength and fall into forgetfulness, but never disappear. The morning breeze which always preceded her, added to the feeling of change and movement: the constant movement that symbolizes life.


Brought up in a vineyard amongst happy Nymphs and Satyrs, he transmitted a sense of euphoria and well being that enabled people to be relaxed and creative. Because wine is associated with him, it is also a symbol of his influence, which accommodates the forces of nature that nurture the ecstatic and well being in people. Greek drama came from the singing and dancing in his festivals.


Ganymede, of remarkable beauty was a favourite of Zeus and the son of the king of Troy. Zeus took the form of an eagle and carried Ganymede to Mount Olympus where he became the cupbearer to the gods. 

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